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Taggers today are in competition with each other as they etch and spray paint surfaces in their neighborhoods. All it takes is one instance of graffiti to begin an escalating competition amongst fellow vandals resulting in wide spread defacement of property. For this reason, it is very important that each instance of graffiti be removed quickly. Graffiti-Free® film is a multi-ply film designed to protect glass and polycarbonates by acting as a barrier between the vandal and the glass eliminating the need to replace costly glass. Simply peel the film away and install a fresh layer of film to protect the glass from future vandalism. Graffiti-Free® film is currently being used worldwide by many transit authorities as well as the Smithsonian, the Louvre, New Scotland Yard, and many other landmark structures.

Check out our pressure washing service for an environmentally friendly solution to graffiti removal from a wide variety of structures and surfaces.

America's Best, Inc. has been providing window film to our customers for over 10 years. In addition to Anti-graffiti film, we offer many other films with a large variety of applications and styles. Please click on the below links to discover the many ways window films can benefit you.

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Made in the U.S.A.

While there are many window films available for sale, America's Best, Inc. supports our economy by using high quality films produced within the United States.

Call us today to discuss how high quality Graffiti-Free® film can provide you with a low cost solution for protecting your investment from urban "artists."

Other services include: window cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter installation, gutter repair, pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, awning cleaning, chandelier cleaning, screen repair, roof cleaning, housekeeping, window tinting, safety & security film, and specialty films.

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